18/09/2020 Kolektiv Novi

Music therapy workshop

Music therapy workshop by renowned music performer and educator Bosiljka Kulišić Čavić ‘Let the music guide you to yourself’ will be held at Kolektiv Novi. The workshop includes focussed listening exercises and how they affect your thoughts and emotions. 

‘You will learn more about scientifically proven influence that music has on our brain and hormones, about the creative process, inspiration and the courage to perform publicly’. Čavić also announced that she will premier her new piece ‘Glass dance’, written specially for this workshop. 

The workshop is open to all music lovers and those who would like to learn more about themselves- all you need to bring along is your open senses and the desire to learn more, concludes Bosiljka. 

When: Tuesday 22nd September 2020, 18.00-20.00 

Where: Kolektiv Novi