17/05/2021 Kolektiv Novi

Darko Vučković exhibition

On Thursday 20th May at 5 PM Kolektiv Novi will host an exhibition of works of artist and sculptor Darko Vučković, along with an interactive session on the history of clay usage and clay modelling. Along with the exhibition of his sculptures and Terra Incognita project the author will take the participants onto this magical journey through the Terra Incognita video clips and live clay modelling (6 PM)

‘Clay making is a technique as old as the mankind itself. With the rise of civilization the clay making techniques developed too. However, many of the original and old techniques got replaced with modern ones. I will try here to recreate some of them. Each one of these techniques can be further developed and modified depending on the personal preferences of each artist and maker. Terra Incognita project seeks to re-energize and discover anew the ancient techniques of building clay baking ovens, clay modelling and baking. Every oven is different in the way it was built and each one of them uses and combines materials differently. I trust that this journey will be interesting to many and helpful in supporting them in their own endeavors of working with clay.’

Darko Vučković was born in Podgorica. He graduated from the Cetinje Art School in 2001, Fine Art class led by artist Dragan Karadžić. In 1999-2000 he was a resident at the L’ecoleSuperrieured’Art du Grenoble in France exploring computer generated images, photography and experimental sound and in 2012 he completed his master studies at Belgrade Art School under the supervision of Professor Zoran Vuković. He is a member of Montenegrin Association of Fine Art Artists from 2002.