19/12/2019 Kolektiv Novi

Christmas office party and Christmas quiz

Ipek and Celil, an interactive quiz team came over from Tivat to add some fun to our Christmas office party. The winner of the first round was our in-house co-worker lawyer Sasa Vujovic and the second Anna Minkina, who won the prize of a free weekly membership. We sent off the old year with lots of fun and laughter!
The quizzes can be on any subject and any language. When the client gives us the theme, we begin with preparation of questions and then design on the software with the photos, videos, musics. The quizzes can be 15 minutes or 3 hours. It is all up to the clients.
These interactive quiz games could be very helpful also for children. Especially for maths or science, we can prepare funny and educational questions. As I am teacher, I would be even happier to be with the students!
For corporate events, birthdays, concept parties, film nights, festivals etc. we can prepare the game. The only thing we need is a screen. This screen can be a TV, projector curtain or a monitor. It depends on the size of the organization. If this is a big organisation, we need also sound system. Microphone? If you have, I can use it but as you know, I have mine one 🙂
Before starting the game, we are giving the remote controls to the teams and take their names to register them on the game. After that, Celil stays behind the computer and me, I am on the stage for presenting the game. It is an entertaining show.
There are so many types of the games like “fastest fingers” in which only the fast person who gives the right answer earns the points, or like “Who wants to be a millionaire?” if everyone wants to compete one by one. So, there is no limit!